Storing Programmes

We've all done it - you go to a game, buy a programme, get home and dump the programme on a shelf or in a box. Sometime later you find the programme and its creased, or someone has spilt something on it.

I've been asked a couple of times about what is the best way to store programmes, so here is a rough guide to how I (and other collectors I know) store mine.

Head to your friendly local office suppliers store (I go to Staples), and purchase the following basics:
  • 64 litre plastic storage box
  • box of 10* A4 Ring Binders
  • a number of packets of plastic / polythene pockets

For older seasons programmes, you'll fit a couple of seasons worth of programmes into one single binder, but for the more recent seasons you'll require 3-4 binders per season.

You'll get approx 8-10 binders fitting nicely within the plastic storage box.