Where To Buy Programmes

There are a number of places that you can buy programmes from, the most popular and well-known being eBay. The others are the 12th Man Programme Seller, the forums on this site, car boot sales and charity shops.

eBay - you can find an awful lot of programmes for sale on eBay, most usually being listed with an accompanying photo. Its simple and easy to use - you can add to your collection whilst sat at home in your underpants if you so wish! But there are a couple of words of advice if you're new to eBay:
  • Always read the listing carefully to make sure you understand what you are bidding on, especially the condition of the item. If you are unsure of something, you can ask the seller a question for clarification. If you're still unsure, then don't bid.
  • For items that aren't a couple of quid, its worth checking the Completed Auctions for similar items to get an idea of the value of the item you're bidding on, or you could unwittingly pay over the odds for something.
  • Check the payment methods before bidding - if the seller only accepts Cheques, and you have no Cheque Book you could end up getting a bad reputation if you are unable to pay
  • Check the sellers feedback rating, and read recent feedback reviews to get an idea of their reliability. Whilst the vast majority of sellers are reliable, genuine people, there are the occasional rogues out there

Always check the description carefully for the rarer, higher priced items. I've seen one auction in the past for what appeared to the casual eye to be a brand new boxed Xbox 360 console. But it was actually for the empty box that the console came in. The seller had carefully worded it so that it appeared to be for the complete console, but did actually state it was for the box only so that the buyer had no comeback. And people had bid over 200 for this.

I've seen other auctions for old FA Cup Final programmes, which are actually for reproductions, but this is carefully hidden within the wording.

12th Man Programme Seller - Michael can be found in the Quadrangle Bar on matchdays, with a table of programmes for sale. These are generally more recent ones, but he does have a large number of older programmes available - give him a list of your Wants and he'll let you know the next home game what he has. Alternatively, his email contact details can be found in the forums on this site. He does sell via mail too, so if you're not in Oxford he can still help you out.

OxProgs - the site forums are a good place to list the items you want.

Car Boot Sales and Charity Shops - programmes can sometimes be found for sale at car boot sales and charity shops, but increasingly less so.